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Dear Community Members:

For those who were negatively impacted by extended or unreported COVID-19 testing results at any of our testing sites over the past month, we offer our sincere and heartfelt apologies. You placed your trust in us to give you what you needed, and the fact that we were unable to deliver what you expected and deserved amounted to a disappointing failure on our part.

Prior to the surge, in the 8 months leading up to the holidays, our average turnaround time for testing results was 1.2 days. We achieved this with near zero wait times, no appointments needed, and at zero cost to any individual, regardless of their insurance, immigration status, or any other factors. Our goal is and has always been to meet the needs of medically underserved communities, and our motivation for providing these services remains the same today.

However, when Omicron surged, our testing demands increased by 500% in a mere 48 hours. While we were able to staff up quickly, our laboratory partner was unable to meet the demands that we, and the many other testing companies they serviced, placed on them. We first became aware of this issue on December 28, 2021, and were assured by that particular laboratory that the lag would be remedied immediately. We soon realized, however, that that would not be the case.

We remedied the situation as quickly as we could, by changing laboratories and increasing our throughput with laboratory redundancy. We also invited anyone who needed immediate testing results (for work or travel-related purposes) to revisit our sites for free rapid antigen testing. To date, we’ve administered more than 1,500 rapid antigen tests to those who’ve requested them, and continue to do so today. While our stockpile of antigen tests rise and fall based on their availability, we place regular orders for thousands each week, depending on demand, and provide them at no cost to the public for the specific purpose of remedying what went wrong over the holidays.

We’re thrilled to report that anyone wishing to be retested with a PCR test can do so now at any of our sites, and have their lab results returned to them within 72 hours. A list of our testing sites and hours can be accessed on our website, testsd.io, and our social media outlets and as always, walk ups are welcomed and encouraged.

Finally, I want to assure you that our company was not “unjustly enriched” by our previous laboratory partner’s failures. Broadwell incurred significant expenses associated with increasing our staffing capacity and expanding our testing sites to meet the surge’s demands, but was not reimbursed or compensated for testing results that failed to materialize.

Thank you for giving us every opportunity to remedy what went wrong. We sincerely regret the inconvenience it caused, and will continue working diligently to regain your trust as we expand our services to meet the ongoing needs of our community.


Roger Stellers

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